Luminescent Milky Way Stars




Glowing Vinyl Ceiling Decal Star Map with Lines / Glow in the Dark Constellations Sticker / Luminescent Milky Way Stars + Free Decal Gift!

  • Decal measurements: Width x Height. Vinyl glows in the dark with green light. During the day vinyl colour is white.
  • NB! Please, note that you will get Constellations separately. For help we will send you a sky map, using this map you will be able to attached decals on celling correctly.
  • Vinyl stickers have a glossy surface and can be applied to any clean, smooth surface that is free of contaminants, dust, grease, etc. Use this opportunity to decorate your room or apartment. Make an inspirational design and create unique decor in your home.
  • We offer a very high-quality, European-made, vinyl decal material. This means that our stickers will stick tight to surfaces. At the same time, it is really easy to remove the decals, and they will not leave any marks. Our vinyl stickers will not remove paint from walls if the paint is older than one month.
  • We guarantee that our stickers will stick tight to your wall or another smooth surface up to seven years. They will not fade out. We take full responsibility for our product and give you a 10-year guarantee that your sticker will stay on your wall or another surface. If you have any problems with our product, please write us a message and we will find an appropriate solution for you.


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